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It’s on! The election will be held on 21 May.

We're just weeks away from the election that will decide our future.

We’re in a global pandemic, the climate crisis is getting worse, and everything is getting more expensive. Meanwhile, billionaires and big corporations are making record profits and don’t pay their fair share of tax. 

Liberal and Labor are letting them get away with this because they take millions in donations from the billionaires and big corporations. 

The Greens don’t, we won’t be bought and we’ll never sell you out. 

If just a few hundred votes change, the Greens can be in the balance of power. Where we’ll tax the billionaires so we can get dental and mental health in Medicare, build affordable homes and act on the climate crisis. 

But for us to succeed, we're going to need everyone to get involved. We need people like you to help us.

Your donation today will help us run the biggest campaign in our history, and let every Australian know: the Greens will fight for your future when no one else will.

Together, we are powerful.


Our average donation this month is $43.20.
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